Monday, August 8, 2016

Aviating over Upstate NY in Chris' Cherokee

Plane: Piper Cherokee
Weather: Clear, 78 degrees, wind 050 degrees at 4 knots

One of the best things about traveling so much is the ability to meet up with friends all over the country... all over the world, for that matter. I've flown into his home 'drome (Williamson-Sodus) before with Gina but never had the chance to take to the sky in his right seat. Tonight, after arriving via AA mid-afternoon for a week of work in Rochester, we finally corrected that and spent a fall-like, totally beautiful evening in the sky.

Don't mind me shamelessly reusing Chris' photo here

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  1. The last time I visited SDC, I had to do it by car. Winds were too high from the lake.