Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy (Woefully Belated) New Year!

Full disclosure that I'm posting this in late February, but I always set this post to January 1st for the sake of consistency. As is abundantly clear from the almost complete lack of posts in 2017, not much flying occurred last year. So this annual recap doesn't have much content to cover.

I think I explained well in my last post (from 6 months ago - yikes!) that things understandably got quite busy with having a baby. In addition to that, I started a new job late last year. Between those two things and the typical winter weather + lack of daylight, my left seat time has taken a precipitous nosedive.

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On a positive flying note, however, I actually joined a flying club back in November. It's a nice group of about 12 guys that owns a 1979 Cessna R182 (the official designation for retractable-gear 182s) that I've actually flown a bit with pilot friends Mike and Mike. It's hangared at Dayton Wright Brothers Airport (MGY).

I think it's a great platform for family trips - bigger payload, much faster than the rental 172, holds more fuel, and the plane is far more available. So getting checked out in the 182 (including my complex endorsement) is first and foremost on the upcoming to-do list. The new job still involves travel, but not nearly as much as some of the crazy years past, so I'm hoping to finally increase the flying hours again this year.

Total Hours: 7.1 | Solo: 3.6 | XC: None | Dual: 3.1| Night: None | Landings: 28

Aircraft Flown: C172, Cub

New Airports: None

New States: None

First Flights: 1 (Mariella!)

People Flown: 2 (just the family last year - Mariella and Gina)

$100 Burgers: None

Fly-Ins: None

What I'll Remember: It goes without saying being able to take our daughter up for her first flight is a milestone I assume any pilot can appreciate. We flew commercially a week later (and she did quite well) but I simply couldn't allow that to be the method by which she left the ground for the first time! I didn't write about it on the blog but in August I flew down to Sumner Co. Regional Airport (M33) in Tennessee with pilot friend Mike (in the same club 182) to witness the solar eclipse, which was incredible.

Totality of the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017

2017 Goals: Given my lack of goal achievement these past couple years, part of me feels like I should change them up. That said, I still really would love to experience a glider flight sooner than later. In a similar vein, although it's probably pretty unlikely with a newborn coming in May, it would be nice to start work on the IR. I think the most realistic goal is my Complex checkout, especially if I am able to join the local club some friends of mine are in.

^ At least I made a move in the right direction. I've joined the club now (which means I'm now paying whether or not I'm flying!) so I absolutely need to get checked out in the airplane.

2018 Goals: Get checked out in the R182, which will include my Complex endorsement. Once that's complete, I would definitely like to start on the IR. I'd also like to take some family trips this year once I'm comfortable in the new airplane and fully current again. Beyond that, it's always nice to take friends and coworkers flying for the first time and I think I may have some opportunities to do so - especially having started a new job.