Saturday, September 29, 2012

Breakfast and some time in the right seat

Plane: Cessna 182 RG
Route: MGY-I74-MGY 
Weather: Clear, 64 degrees, wind calm

Mike's quite close to his Instrument checkride at this point (passed his written last week - good job man!) and wanted to get in some hood time on this smooth fall morning. We met at Wright Brothers around 9:00 and took off towards Springfield. Columbus Approach vectored us out past the airport and then turned us back west to shoot the VOR 24 Approach.

Final approach into Springfield

Once he pulled the hood off (the minimums are interesting - you're pretty dang high and right over the airport at the missed approach point) we climbed back up and pointed the nose towards Urbana. We spent about an hour on the ground recharging our internal fuel tanks with the Airport Cafe's usual tasty breakfast fare. As to this next point... yes, I realize I'm slightly biased. Anyway, their famous pies are good but Gina's (she's been selling them at Stewart for the past few months) really are better; completely from scratch with fresh - not canned - fruit!

This morning's breakfast destination

Back in the air, Mike thought about shooting an approach at DAY but the winds had them using Runways 06 and 18. That would've resulted in a loooong vector past the airport. So instead he elected to head back to Wright Brothers and threw the hood back on for the GPS 20 into MGY.

Passing by downtown Dayton on our way home

It was a fun morning. The weather was perfect and breakfast was tasty. I headed down to Stewart afterwards to help out with a private airshow they were hosting. It was an extremely long day but time flies (and is too much fun) when said day is spent surrounded by airplanes!

Flight Track: Google Earth KMZ File 
Today's Flight: 0.7 hours (SIC)
Total Time: 245.0 hours


  1. Yeah, VOR approaches don't take you down particularly low. The VOR approach into Le Roy is a circling approach only. It brings you in 40* off runway heading and puts you about 600 AGL (same as the one you described) over the middle of the airport. Ack, I need to make more progress on this darn rating!

    1. It was interesting as the one with my eyes out the front. Airport's getting closer, airport's getting closer, we're well past the threshold... good thing this is a 9K foot runway!

      You'll plug through yours before you know it. Keep on keepin' on. I really need to start on mine. One of these days...