Friday, September 14, 2012

A little more safety piloting

Plane: Cessna 182 RG
Route: MGY, Local (Approaches at RID, DAY)
Weather: Overcast, 62 degrees, wind 010 degrees at 8 knots

Mike grabbed me again for a little hood work this evening. A weak front moved through earlier in the afternoon and took with it the low ceilings and rain. By the time we met at Wright Brothers around 6:00 the weather was great for flying. Mike took off on Runway 02 at MGY and we were soon heading towards Richmond, IN.

Short final for Runway 06L at Dayton Int'l Airport

Looking down on the control tower and terminals at DAY

Final for Runway 24 at Richmond Municipal Airport

He practiced a hold at RID and then shot three approaches; the VOR 33 into RID, the ILS 06L over at DAY, and finally the ILS 24 back at RID. It was a little bumpy at times since we were right at the edge of the front but visibility was great. Mike did a good job with the flying - riding along as Safety Pilot is definitely helping me learn this instrument stuff bit by bit!

Flight Track: Google Earth KMZ File 
Today's Flight: 1.2 hours (SIC)
Total Time: 238.8 hours

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