Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside

This always tends to be the time of year where my flying takes a nosedive. Figuratively, of course - nosedives in the air are generally a bad thing. It's all of about 10 degrees out right now and the highs have been in the low 20s. Downright balmy, eh?

If you're a frequent visitor you have probably noticed that I've been on a product review kick lately. It's a good way to keep fresh content on the blog when I'm unable to actually take to the sky. Hopefully you have enjoyed some of those posts and, as always, any constructive criticism is appreciated.

Another reason for my lack of flying (and posting, over the past two weeks) is that I've been swamped both at work and home. I was supposed to go to Japan yesterday but that trip was canceled literally 12 hours before I was to board a Delta flight to Atlanta; I'm now going in January. I have been working my tail off at home to get a lot of holiday tasks complete before the trip - Christmas decorations, cards, shopping, wrapping, and the other usual stuff. Gina and I have also been super busy wedding planning, designing our Save the Date cards, building a website, and the like. In sum, lots going on and little time to fly even when it was really nice out and I wanted to!

It's worth it in the end, but 14 hours spent hanging lights is a long time

Given the fact that things are calming down and I suddenly have a little more free time - at least until I'm in Japan for two weeks next month - I'm hoping to go flying again soon. I would also really like to fly three more Young Eagles by the end of the month to hit 10 for the year. It's getting tight but I still have about three weeks to make that happen.

You may also recall that I asked for reader requests last year - the main request I received was for photos of the USAF Museum. I ended up posting a series of nine photo sets from throughout the museum last winter. It was a great way to keep posting content when the weather kept me on the ground.

So I'm going to ask the question again... is there anything that you, much-appreciated reader, would like to see me write about on here? I love to try and incorporate content that you fine folks are particularly interested in. Comment on this post or send me an email if you have any thoughts or suggestions!


  1. You asked for comments. I really enjoy details of your flights. Being in the UK, it is good to see how flights are done in the USA. Keep up the cood work.

  2. I would enjoy reading/seeing some details of one of your Young Eagle flights...

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    I have actually posted about the Young Eagles flights that I have done to-date. You can access them by clicking the Young Eagles link under Categories over on the right-hand nav bar.

    Or you can just go to them thru these links:

    First Young Eagle Flight

    Young Eagles Rally

  4. I do enjoy your product reviews as well as commenting on what doesn't work. We all buy stuff that sounds great, but in "our personal" real use ends up being a mistake.

    Also for the local stops, reviews of just how friendly and fun stopping for lunch is -- maybe a top 3, then top 5 and eventually top 10 airports for "one tank trips" and lunch? Obviously would require a work in progress but I know would be helpful for new pilots looking to exercise they new privileges.

    Keep up the great blog Steve and have a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. Not really aviation related (but it can be) My wife and I used Traveler's joy as part of our registry. People buy part of your honeymoon and the company sends you a check. It's pretty cool. Let me know if you have any questions about it. (No, I'm connected to them in anyway)

    As for the product reviews, I enjoy reading them, and discovering new books and movies about flying.

  6. ^ Good idea with Traveler's Joy - we've looked into the honeymoon registry concept and are definitely considering it. Thanks for the thoughts!

    ^^ I like the thought of posting about my favorite local haunts, Rich. It would be mostly limited (and include all of) the few I've visited but I could certainly list 4-6 places.

  7. Hi Steven...Haven't been on your blog for a LONG time. It was great to catch up on all your flying, etc. I LOVED the pictures of your home all lit up. Say HI to Gina and have a wonderful holiday.

    Love, Aunt Mimi