Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Streamers and a J-3

Plane: Cub, 85 hp
Route: 40I, Local
Weather: Clear, 65 degrees, wind 200 degrees at 3 knots

The weather this week has been decidedly un-fall-like with clear skies and temperatures in the upper 60s. Perfect flying weather except for the fact that the end of Daylight Savings Time means it's dark when I leave work. Fortunately I was able to use one of my banked "you've worked a ton of extra hours this week, so take off early and go flying some day" days and I headed out about 3:30.

Gina met me at Stewart and I made sure the Cub was fit to fly. After our experience doing so last week, the two of us were hooked on a new way to have far too much fun in a J-3... streamer cutting! I departed the pattern and climbed to about 4,500 feet over the lake and dropped out a roll of toilet paper. Carb heat on and the throttle back, we descended with some moderately banked turns and managed to hit the descending streamer two times before hitting my hard stop of 2,500 feet - which is 1,500 feet AGL. I climbed back up again and tossed out a second roll and this time managed to hit it once on the way down.

Here's the cockpit view from this evening's fun

Words don't do the activity justice but trust me when I say it's far too much fun. Gina had a blast as evidenced by the giant grin on her face most of the time. Please note my earlier comments about the legality of such activities if you're concerned, by the way.

The sun was setting and it was surprisingly hazy out below about 4,000 feet so I flew a slightly zig-zag course back towards Stewart so I could spot traffic better. We crossed midfield from the North side and entered a left downwind for Runway 26. It's always a treat to land that direction with the setting sun scorching your retinas but I brought us down for a very good, smooth three-point landing.

Flight Track: Google Earth KMZ File
Today's Flight: 0.6 hours
Total Time: 180.9 hours


  1. Wow...what great fun, in HD no less! Thanks for taking video. I think I was most impressed that you brought along musicians...though I have no idea where you put them.

  2. You'd be surprised at how much you can fit in the baggage compartment of a Cub!

    I still need to figure out why the camera mount is transferring so much vibration but otherwise I think the video turned out pretty good.

  3. Awesome Steve! Thanks for sharing the flight. You do a great job of keeping the aviation juices flowing! BTW, the video on your little Kodak is near perfect for web posting.

    Sorry you missed the Wright B Flyer museum EAA284 meeting, but suspect you can do the same if you pick a day they are open and just fly over the Dayton-Wright Brothers in the 150 ... and waste far less of your Sunday afternoon.

  4. Steve,

    Awesome post. I think it was good you finally put it up. Hope your thanksgiving is great. Going to fly the cub on ski's again?

  5. We had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving - hope yours was good as well.

    Yeah, if the weather and my schedule cooperate I'll definitely go up in the Cub on skis again this winter. That was far too much fun! :)