Saturday, February 13, 2010

USAF Museum Series: Part 2

I finally made it back to the USAF Museum today and had the opportunity to spend a few hours taking photos. Although I managed to cover every hangar and area of the museum you will only see photos from one section today - this is a series, after all! So let's start off with the foundation of modern aviation, in the Early Years Gallery.

The missing man formation in Memorial Park, adjacent to the museum

A statue of Icarus stands inside the museum entrance

Wright 1909 Military Flyer, the world's first military airplane

Standard J-1, an early Army trainer

Fokker Dr. 1, famed World War I fighter

The Sopwith Camel recorded more kills than any other Allied fighter in WWI

In combat, the Caproni CA.36 could carry up to 1,760 lbs (800 kg) of bombs

In the next installment I'll share some timeless World War II aircraft - including the B-29 that dropped the bomb on Nagasaki.

Also, I'd just like to remind you that you can access any of the posts in this series by clicking on the USAF Museum tag in the navigation bar to the right or at the bottom of the posts.

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