Saturday, February 20, 2010

Editorial on security and GA

This is such a rational response to the tragic, suicidal plane crash in Texas that I have to share it on here. I hope that at least one person visiting this blog who is unfamiliar with GA reads this. Hopefully, they will gain insight into just how terrible of an effect knee-jerk reactions can have on our ability to fly.
Airplanes Don't Kill People, People Do

As we mourn the losses from the recent attack in Austin, let us also keep a healthy perspective. General aviation is the lifeblood of this country's economy. Calling for more restrictions on the freedom to fly simply makes no sense.


People fear what they do not know, and the inner workings of aviation certainly are mysterious to all but pilots. So a terrible event like what happened in Austin brings forth fearful cries to restrict personal flying, known broadly as "general aviation" or "GA" for short. That initial response is understandable, but terribly misguided. The best way to counter the many misperceptions about flying is to bring to light the true benefits of general aviation, which should help dampen any future impulse to place restrictions on private and corporate airplanes.


If you believe that airplane use should be subject to further security measures, ask yourself the following question. After a car bomb goes off, do you immediately call for restricting the use of automobiles and trucks? Of course not because that would make no sense. Nor does the call to restrict private aviation, for the very same reasons.

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h/t: Aeromot on the AOPA Forums


  1. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  2. You're welcome - glad to help get it out to other pilots!

  3. Steve,

    thanks for sharing. your words 'rational response' really say it all. let's hope one deranged GA pilot doesn't ruin it for everyone.

  4. Hey there Steve how are you? Have you ever heard of the TSA's Large Aircraft Security Program or L.A.S.P.? Didn't know anything about it up until a few weeks ago and I ended up donated my time re-working the site to push the cause. It's a total threat to GA and it's exactly these types of policies that slowly break down the freedoms of flying.

  5. Zach,

    Thanks for all your work towards the opposition of the LASP. I've actually put up a few posts about these sorts of "TSA issues" in the past - you can click on the Regulations tag at the bottom of this post to get to them.

    Click here for my main response to the LASP.