Thursday, September 18, 2008

Solo Practice 6: Serious crosswind practice

Plane: Champ
Route: 40I, Local
Weather: Clear, 74 degrees, wind 030 degrees at 9 knots

Before heading off to Virginia Beach for a weekend of jet noise, I took my friend Rob with me to check out the airport. I've linked to some of his awesome aviation photos before and figured he would enjoy the chance to shoot some classic old planes at Stewart, which he indeed did. While he shot some film, I took the Champ up for a little takeoff and landing practice.

The winds started off down the runway but quickly shifted to an almost direct crosswind. It wasn't blowing too strong and I knew it was in my limits, so I decided it would be good practice. I had two of each that were great, smoothly lifting off or setting down on the ground, cocking right into the wind on liftoff and landing lightly on the left wheel on touchdown. Unfortunately, I also had one really bad takeoff where a gust got under the left wing and I had to quickly react. Everything else was pretty much average, where I safely took off or landed but they weren't perfectly smooth or greasers.

Rob had my digital camera and took some videos of me and another pilot who was flying the Stearman. As with our usual airshow videos, they just aren't complete without all Rob's commentary. You'll see what I mean...

Today's Flight: 0.7 hours
Solo/PIC Time: 7.8 hours
Total Time: 36.5 hours

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