Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2008 Red Stewart Airshow

Deafening jet noise is a wonderful thing and there's a reason I go to plenty of airshows to get my fix. But those shows also tend to be heavily commercialized and (pardon me while I sound a but pompous here) packed with people who are quite uninformed about aviation. Don't get me wrong, I know that one of the ways we introduce aviation to new people is through shows like that... so what point am I trying to get to? Well basically that it's nice to have a break from all the usual airshow action and go to a show with a real hometown, classic, friendly aviation atmosphere.

People and planes lined up along the runway at Stewart Airfield

In yet another reminder of how lucky I am to have the great airport I fly out of so close to home, they put on an annual airshow that is free to the public. No there aren't any F-18s rocketing overhead, but there are tons of people with a genuine interest in aviation and many excellent civilian performers. They host a fly-in and I certainly saw many planes and pilots that had come in and parked for the weekend, some of whom unloaded tents and gear and camped out next to our grass strip. It was just a wonderfully cozy place to spend an evening (or entire weekend) soaking in aviation.

John Black performs aerobatics in his Super Decathlon

Bill Leff performs in his T-6 Texan

Brett Hunter performs Unlimited category aerobatics in his Pitts

Bill Leff heads away from the crowd in a steep turn

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