Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adjusting my Weight & Balance - Month 7

Two years ago today, I married my wonderful bride. Gina still puts up with - and participates in, without too much chagrin - my love of flying. She's quite the keeper. Love you babe!

Two years ago today, I was married to another, much less positive data point - my weight. It was nearly 40 lbs more than my scale reported this morning. I'm happy to have left that behind.

I'm now down over 30 lbs since April and weigh <5 lbs more than my all-time low, which was back in the summer of 2005 when I interned in Texas. That summer, I basically did nothing but work out (and also was not yet a consumer of good beer and wine...) and came home in tip-top shape. The next seven years consisted of a gradual but steady increase until I got my ass back in gear this spring.

So it's been a success. I've even started running over the past month. And I hate running. Come to discover, however, that losing 40 lbs puts a bit less strain on your legs! Biking is mostly out of the equation for the next few months since it's dark by the time I get home from work. So that leaves running - which is surprisingly not a bad cardio option - for the time being.

I've achieved the goal of "an hour of fuel" in weight loss in multiple aircraft. I can honestly say I have now gained an hour's worth via increased payload in the Champ, Cub, and 150. Don't think I can - or should - lose another 10 lbs to add the 172 to the list, though!

There aren't too many other numbers to update since last month. I know my waist and body fat are slightly smaller/less but I honestly haven't measured them in a while. It's an extremely hectic month between work, homework, and travel/holidays so that will have to wait a little longer.

As for flying, the aforementioned full plate hasn't left much time for airplanes. Plus we've reached the annual few months of long nights and short days; unless I leave work early or take a vacation day, weekends are really the only time I can fly. So it might be a little while before I make it down to Stewart again. Still, I'm hoping to hit 300 hours by December 31st...

P.S. For those of you who like to pick nits, yes, I realize my all-time low was many, many years ago. But I'm just counting my adult life, not my hefty <6 lbs at birth. ;-)


  1. Your my hero! Now if I can learn anything from your weight loss in order to get me moving would be great. After reading the "fatty" posts on AOPA and POA I think its serious time that I get to shedding poundage. Getting back on the stationary bike and cutting out many carbs that I just don't need but love.

    CONGRATS to you and Gina on your two year anniversary!!!

    1. Thank you sir!

      Slow and steady really has worked wonders, coupled with awareness. As I posted earlier this year, just tracking what I eat and when I exercise has made all the difference. I've only been working out 1-2 times/week on average. Definitely not an all-in, crazy schedule by any means!

    2. Steve,
      Congratulations! That is a serious accomplishment! I'm trying to keep watch of my weight (something that is easier said than done during the Holidays!), especially so I can keep flying our club 150 as long as possible. That, and I remember what it was like being an overweight teenager, and I don't want to go back to that. Keep up the good work!

      Also, it can't be overstated how much easier it is to fly, when your spouse/S.O. is on board with your flying. My wife is the same way. You are a fortunate man!

    3. Thanks, Brandon.

      I agree, we're very lucky!