Saturday, October 5, 2013

Adjusting my Weight & Balance - Month 6

I've gained an hour of flight time! What the heck am I talking about? Well, I'm down nearly 30 lbs since April - and just over 35 lbs from last summer, my all-time high - and most planes I fly burn around 6 gallons (36 lbs) of 100LL per hour. That also means I'm quite close to my original target weight, which was 150 lbs.

Since my last update in August, I've maintained a decent workout schedule. I've also spent a ton of time in the backyard landscaping and moving stone; that burns plenty of calories, too! Since I've been making steady progress I have allowed myself a few unhealthy meals here and there. Overall, I'm still monitoring my calories daily and sticking to an intake that should result in losing about one pound per week.

Biking is still my exercise of choice. I've ridden 422 miles in 2013 - most recently, 82 in August, 77 in September, and 32 so far in October. Gina and I sometimes ride down to a little ice cream shop in Springboro (about 10 miles roundtrip) and I do plenty of high-intensity riding on my own for pure calorie-burning.

The results certainly speak for themselves - since April, I've:
  • Lost 11.4% body fat
  • Gained 6.5% muscle mass
  • Lost 4.75" around my waist
  • Lost 3" around my hips
  • Lost 1.25" around my neck
Now, I'm certainly not complaining about any of that. In fact, I'm quite happy with it as you can probably imagine. But it does bear noting the one major drag of all this - essentially none of my clothes fit. I already had to buy a few new pairs of pants a few months ago and now those are definitely too big! Since I still hope to lose another 5-10 lbs (though I expect to gain some back as I build more muscle) I'm hoping I can hold off on any major purchases until everything stabilizes.

So that's where things stand today. Lots of great progress that I'm definitely proud of. Hitch is installed on the car but I still haven't purchased the bike rack - might wait until spring at this point. Feeling much healthier and less lethargic. And in serious need of going clothes shopping!


  1. Very impressive Steve. I'd like to pick up a few of your habits ... eating healthier and some kind of exercise I can handle with my questionable knee (running is a no-no). I'm thinking I might give bike riding a try and thought I would inquire if there is some kind of indoor (winter) trainer you can recommend. I'd don't want to take out a second mortgage but don't want a bike like the ones I find falling apart in the hotel exercise rooms. If you have a suggestion, let me know.

    1. Thanks, Rich! The biggest help honestly has been tracking my food with MyFitnessPal - awareness is key, no way around it. Do you have a regular ol' bike? Lots of people recommend indoor stands (like this - that simply let you ride your bike in place. I don't have one myself, however.

      Ellipticals are my favorite machines for cardio, if I'm being honest. I'd probably go that route if I bought something for home (and we had basement with room for one, which we don't).