Friday, August 2, 2013

Adjusting My Weight & Balance - Month 4*

Since I last checked in, I've managed to lose another 6-8 lbs. We've taken a couple trips (camping, Napa) where I've allowed myself the luxury of not following a strict diet. Not that I've fallen off the horse or anything - but I think I've earned a few days' pause here and there.

I've been flirting with crossing the 160 lb threshold for about a week now. The aforementioned trip to Napa certainly didn't help. Hopefully I'll cross it - for good - in the next week or so. All the travel has also kept me from exercising as much as I'd like - sometimes there are simply things you have to do around the house when you're home!

I'm less than 10 lbs from my target weight, though I'm not unhappy where I'm at. At this point I need to start more strength exercises (though I will certainly continue the cardio on my bike!) to help gain more muscle mass. I think that'll be the final step towards reaching the ultimate goal.

I've been making relatively steady progress all year long!

Beyond counting the pounds, there has been some other measurable progress. My waist is about 3" less than April - which is quite obvious. I already had to buy new pants and now the new pants are getting too loose. Not complaining but, as you can imagine, I've been holding off on buying too many clothes until things stabilize! I'm also down 8-10% body fat in the same time period.

The hitch for the car should be delivered soon as well. With that in hand - and the bike rack I still need to buy - it'll be much easier to ride the other trails in the region. I'm looking forward to it!

*If we're counting from when I restarted this whole process, it's been about 4 months, so that's going to be the datum point from here on out.

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