Friday, May 25, 2012

Cessna current once again

Plane: Cessna 172
Instructor: Dave
Route: 40I-I68-40I
Weather: Haze, 85 degrees, wind 220 degrees at 7 knots

A quick evening in the air with CFI Dave was a nice end to the work week and a great way to begin the long holiday weekend. Our awesome flight in Hawaii notwithstanding, I hadn't flown a Cessna since last fall so I was long-past Stewart's 90-day currency period. I want to be able to actually go someplace in an airplane again so a quick re-checkout was in order.

We mostly remained in the patterns at Stewart and Warren Co.

We departed on Runway 26 and headed straight for the pattern at Lebanon-Warren Co. Skydivers were jumping so I stayed out of their way while making two landings - a standard one and a short field approach. I smacked a bit hard but touched right on the numbers on the second one, which is the important thing. Then we did a couple stalls on the way back home, with a steep spiral facilitating a quick descent back to pattern altitude. One final short field landing on the grass and I was finally current in the 150 and 172 again!

On a sad note, my favorite airplane is out of service for a while. Apparently someone had a landing mishap this week and she's going to be in the shop for some serious repairs. I actually looked at the Hobbs meter and it's only about 0.4 hours beyond where we shut her down on Sunday, so I suspect it was literally her next flight that ended in unfortunate fashion. Looks like it's going to be harder to schedule Cub time for at least part of the summer...

Flight Track: Google Earth KMZ File 
Today's Flight: 0.7 hours
Total Time: 216.4 hours

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