Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The final Space Shuttle launch - who's going?

You may recall me mentioning a couple weeks ago that Gina and I were considering going down to Florida to see the final Shuttle launch. Well the cards aligned and I managed to fight my way through massive server overload (as you may imagine, the tickets are in slightly high demand) and snag us Causeway tickets to see Atlantis blast off into space for the last time on July 8th. Sooo... we're heading down south in about two weeks!

I already know of at least a few fellow pilot bloggers and friends that are also heading to the Cape for this historic event. If you are going, please leave a comment on this post - it would be fun to meet up with you if we're all in town long enough. If you happen to have tickets to view the launch from the Causeway, even better. At least some of us are hoping to finally say hello in person, so make yourself known if you're interested!


  1. You know I am! Can't wait! Weeee!

  2. Too bad we never got to meet up, but glad you got to see the launch too!