Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

The days certainly do tick by faster the older you get - there's no denying it. I'm quite pleased with how 2010 turned out for me, both in the air and on the ground. While I always would like to have flown a few more hours sometimes it's just not possible. As I wrote one year ago, join me for a brief recap of how I fared over the past 365 days...

Total Hours: 40.8 | Solo: 3.9 | XC: 21.7 | Dual: 2.5 | Landings: 93

Aircraft Flown: C150, C172, Cub

New Airports: OWX, MIE, LUK, JAX, TVC, 83D, ESC, OSH, UGN

New States: Wisconsin, Illinois

First Flights: 12 (Neil, Emily, Joe, Scott, six Young Eagles at our annual rally, Jim, Ahmed)

People Flown: 17 (above, plus my best friend Rob, pilot friend Mike, my sister and Dad, and, of course, Gina)

$100 Burgers: 6 (one in April, three in June - Ottawa, Muncie, and Lunken, one in July while on our flying adventure, and one in October)

Fly-Ins: 1 (Lee Bottom Wood, Fabric, and Tailwheels in September - as a passenger)

Great Lakes Circumnavigated: 1 (Lake Michigan, on our huge flying vacation in July)

New Fiancées: 1 (I believe Gina was happy about this after my proposal in April)

What I'll Remember: Surprising Gina with a whirlwind trip around the world to propose in Barcelona. Our hot air balloon ride over the foothills of the Pyrenees in Spain. Flying over the Mackinac Bridge and past downtown Chicago during an eight day vacation with Gina, along with landing at Oshkosh. Gary and Rob flying out from Delaware to visit Stewart and fly the Stearman in July. The smiles on all the kids' faces and their excitement after taking them flying during our annual Young Eagles Rally in September. Cutting streamers in the Cub.

2010 Goals: More cross-country flights including a trip or two to visit other pilot friends, take as many people for their first flight as possible, fly Young Eagles, fly the Cub on skis, get in some glider time, make more money to spend on all of the above.

^ I did pretty good last year, huh?

2011 Goals: Fly the Stearman, log stick time in a glider, take some couples that we are good friends with on $100 burger runs in the 172, go on a yet-to-be-determined flying adventure with my groomsmen before the wedding, fly at least one Pilots N Paws rescue, continue expanding the variety of content on the blog, make sure Gina doesn't run away from the altar in November.


  1. this was always my favorite post from reading your blog. looks like you had a good 2010. let's add one thing to your list: going flying with Gabe in Ohio! I'd love to come up and have you show me the ropes in the Cub!

    best wishes for a great 2011!

  2. Thanks man, this is one of my favorite to write!

    Not much flying myself lately but much flying - in Tokyo right now and heading to Seoul in a few days, all for work. So I'll have logged 17K miles in the first 3 weeks of 2011...

    And yes, get yourself up here and we'll go Cubbin!

  3. Not a bad year at all!!

    Your numbers motivate me to get some first timers in the air.

    If I head out to visit Jeff in Champaign, IL I'll be sure to stop by for a lunch run. I think Mary and I are really going to push Mackinac Island up the list for this summers adventure and visit with some friends along the way.

  4. Definitely let me know if you're in the vicinity - I'll certainly fly out to meet you somewhere if possible! More than a few great $100 burger spots around home.

    Wish I could've done more last year but we were just so darn busy, renting's sometimes a pain, and I've got a honeymoon to pay for!