Saturday, September 4, 2010

2010 Red Stewart Airshow

Labor Day weekend might mark the end of summer but it also means that it's time for my home field's annual airshow. What could be better than a grass strip and some old-fashioned barnstorming action? The fact that it's free just proves without a doubt what a great, aviation-to-the-core family the Stewarts are. As if the airport wasn't already awesome enough! Seriously, how many places can you rent a Piper Cub from these days?

Gina and I got there around 4:15 and the show was just underway. After finding a place for our chairs, got in line for dinner. They always serve up some tasty food (donations are accepted!) and this was no exception - we each had pulled barbecue turkey sandwiches, green beans, potato salad, corn on the cob, and a brownie. We ran into a co-worker of mine, John, who I had invited while in line for food. We all pitched our chairs together along the runway and spent the evening enjoying the airshow and chatting.

It was a great show as always - the pilots all certainly know how to please a crowd. I took quite a few photos (as expected, if you know me) during the show - I think I ended up with something like 330 when I downloaded them to my computer. By the time I finished sorting through them I was down to about 40 and I pared those down further to the ones included in this post. Enjoy!

Walt Pierce bringing his 450 hp Stearman in for landing after his solo performance

Cliff Robinson in the middle of his act in the Super Decathlon

Bill Leff arrives in style in his T-6 Texan

Flaring over the grass just before touching down on Runway 26

John Black has a rather unique smoke system in his Super Decathlon

I love the way the ribs are visible when light reflects off the fabric

Jenny Forsythe getting in position before her wing walking act with Walt Pierce

I saw Jenny's helmet-cam video during their practice last week at Stewart - craziness!

Emerson was living up to his grandpa's reputation - yes, that's a J-3 Cub looping!

More fun in the Cub, courtesy of Emerson Stewart III

Finishing up with a one-wheel landing (no, I can't fly the Cub like this!)

Brett Hunter, who lives on the field, going crazy in his Pitts like usual
Returning to the grass after another successful performance

Brett's Magnum Pitts was sitting there silently as the sun began to set

Watching Walt disassemble the wing walking supports on top of his Stearman

A perfect ending to the evening - two Stearmans together in the twilight


  1. WOW!! Great photos and looks like a fantastic way to end summer.

  2. Thanks! It was a great show, tons of fun yet incredibly relaxing.

  3. You captured the end of summer at Red Stewart Airfield at its best. Great photos and post.

  4. Now that's the kind of airshow I'd like to see. Great photos as're lucky to have Red Stewart as your home base.

  5. I remind myself how lucky I am every time I'm at the airport - it really is an amazing place.

    Be sure to check back soon as I swear to god I'll have the video from the Young Eagles flights up ASAP!

  6. Great pictures! I bet it was a blast, what a special place to fly out of.

  7. It really is a one-of-a-kind place. Glad you and Rob were able to fly out and experience it yourselves. You're always welcome at our place anytime you choose to come back for another round of grass strip fun!

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