Thursday, August 12, 2010

GPS tracks and converting to Google Earth format

One of the most frequent questions I receive over email from blog visitors is how I use my AMOD 3080 GPS Logger to create Google Earth tracks. I'm always glad to help out and send along the settings I use to convert the log files using GPS Visualizer's web interface. However, I am very long overdue in placing a permanent set of instructions on the blog.

Click here for a PDF with information about the device and instructions on converting GPS log files to Google Earth format.

You can use the link above to download a PDF and I'm also placing a permanent link to this post over on the right-hand navigation. If you have any questions about the document or would like to suggest any changes or improvements, please comment on this post or send me an email. Hope this helps all of you who want to log your flights!

In addition, if you'd like to enable overlays of Sectional and Terminal Area Charts in Google Earth (so your tracks are plotted on top of the charts in 3D) there are instructions on how to do just that here.


  1. Thanks Steve. Picked mine up this week and tried it out while driving to/from work. Nice and easy to operate and transfer the info. Looking forward to using it in flight next weekend and in training for instrument holds.

  2. It'll be a great resource for IR training. Like when I used it for ground reference maneuvers, there are training situations where it's quite helpful to have a record of your ground track for evaluating performance.

  3. So, does that mean mode 4 or mode 5 is your usual?

  4. Mode 3 is my usual - indicated by the Green GPS LED in a steady ON state while in the setup screen.

    I've updated the PDF to clarify this point - thanks for the comment!