Monday, March 29, 2010

USAF Museum Series: Part 5

We now enter the third hangar at Wright Field, which houses the Cold War Gallery. I'm going to split this gallery into two posts since I took quite a few photos. First up are the incredible spy planes that provided us with invaluable intelligence and some other favorites.

Wide-angle shot that includes the C-133A, GR1, A-10A, and B-1B

Few aircraft can be labeled more bad-ass than the Spectre Gunship

Also bad-ass: the GAU-8/A Avenger, a well-known component of the A-10

Kodak connection - we developed a new film for the U-2's cameras

The simple, clean underside of the infamous U-2

You really need to hear Brian Shul speak about his time as a SR-71 pilot!

Best airplane ever built, in my opinion

I'll continue with some more modern aircraft (including the Stealth Bomber and Fighter) in the next post

As always, just a reminder that you can access any of the posts in this series by clicking on the USAF Museum tag in the navigation bar to the right or at the bottom of the posts.

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