Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Crazy as it feels to already be sticking /10 at the end of every date I write, the year 2009 has indeed come to an end. Now is the time for a quick reflection and to look forward to a new year of flying adventures. So read along as I recap these last 365 days, Gary style...

Total Hours: 58.3 | Solo: 15.3 | XC: 21.6 | Dual: 7.2 | Landings: 151

Aircraft Flown: C150, C172, Cub

New Airports: KFGX, I68, KMRT, KSGH, KOXD, Y47, 3W2, KPCW, 16G, I66, KEDJ, KAXV, 1G3, 15G

New States: Kentucky

First Flights: 4 (Sarah and Kristin - two college friends, my sister and Dad)

People Flown:
9 (above, plus Shaun - pilot friend from Australia, Mike - local pilot friend and coworker, Rob - my best friend and college roommate, Gina's Dad and, of course, Gina)

$100 Burgers: 4 (one each in February, April, May, and October)

1 (MERFI in Urbana, OH - I74)

What I'll Remember: Took my first two 'real' trips in an airplane, up to Michigan and Put In Bay in August and then to Akron/Kent State in October. Way too much fun in the Cub with the door open, including flying over top of Wright Bros Airport as a B-17 and P-51 landed below me. Enjoyed the sights with friends and family while touting GA as much as possible, although the view generally did all the talking for me.

2010 Goals: More cross-country flights including a trip or two to visit other pilot friends, take as many people for their first flight as possible, fly Young Eagles, fly the Cub on skis, get in some glider time, make more money to spend on all of the above.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read the blog and engage with others in the comments. I appreciate it more than I can ever say in a few short words and am looking forward to another great year sharing in my aviation experiences with all of you!


  1. steve,

    looking forward to reading your 2010 adventures. safe skies to you man, keep writing and sharing.

    one thing I found myself lamenting is that I've yet to give someone the experience of first flight. mark me down for doing a few of those in 2010.


  2. It really is such a rewarding experience to take someone up for their first flight in a small GA plane. Once you have the opportunity, you'll be addicted too! :)