Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heading to Tampa

Sorry for the recent lack of updates on here - I haven't flown in a couple weeks for a multitude of reasons. The weather hasn't been great, I've been out of town on the weekends, and now this past week and a half I've been working obscene hours due to a critical project. Needless to say, it's been a perfect storm that's kept me on the ground. I do at least have a 150 reserved this coming Sunday so I hope the weather cooperates!

Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick update since I'm headed down to Tampa tomorrow for the AOPA Summit. I've really been looking forward to it for months now, mainly to attend a bunch of the seminars and meet up with fellow pilots. For those of you I know through the blog or the AOPA Forums, let me know if you'll be at the Summit! Send me an email (steve [dot] dilullo [at] gmail [dot] com) or call me on my cell and hopefully we're able to meet up at some point. I'll be in town for the whole event, Thursday thru Saturday.

I also should mention that the Indianapolis ARTCC Town Hall I attended a couple weeks ago was a great session. Not only did I pick up some useful tidbits of information, I also had a great discussion with a controller after the formal program ended. You all should take advantage of the opportunity to meet and interact with ATC folks if there are sessions in your area. Check out FAASafety.gov for event listings near you.

One last thing and that's a comment and question to you readers about the state of the blog in general. First I want to mention that I've got some posts in mind for the upcoming months when I'll likely be on the ground more often. My plan is to write about books/courses/materials I've used and recommend, review some more items I've picked up over the past year, and create a section for new readers. Second is an open call to all of you who read the blog... is there anything you want me to write about? Do you have any general comments, questions, or concerns? Please send in everything and anything that comes to mind - either as a comment to this post or via email. Thanks in advance for the feedback, I appreciate every bit of it!


  1. Great blog, very enjoyable. We understand that the blog is not your first priority so post when you can and we will enjoy it.

    Suggestion; how about a video trip to the Wright-Patterson aviation museum for those of us on the West coast.

    It took your Wings a shootout to beat my Sharks. We'll see you in the Shark tank next!

  2. Thanks for the feedback - that's a great idea about the USAF Museum! Definitely a neat idea for something to do this winter. I'll have to confirm it's ok to film inside and post it online but I don't expect there to be any issues.

    Overall, the Summit has been great down here so far. I've been able to attend some really enjoyable seminars and have had the chance to meet up with lots of people for the first time plus meet some old friends.

  3. Have a great time! Looking forward to a recap post here on your blog!