Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About that carb heat

I told you I'd update about the suspicious carburetor heat that caused me to cut my last flight short once I knew more. Today I made it down to Waynesville for some flying, so I asked them and here's the update as promised...

Turns out my suspicions were correct. Something had come loose in the connection between the carb heat knob inside the cockpit and the carburetor itself. In layman's terms, the carb heat was indeed not working. It was a quick fix and 60338's back in service (in fact I flew her tonight) but I was glad to confirm my diagnosis from that last flight.

So my takeaway from this to the many fellow pilots who read this is simple - if anything doesn't seem normal or feels unusual, get the plane on the ground and don't take any unnecessary chances!


  1. Wow, great catch Steve. Thanks for the update on the outcome...a good lesson for all of us!

  2. Thanks, it's good to know my mind wasn't playing tricks on me!