Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday morning breakfast run

Plane: Cessna 150
Route: 40I-I74-MRT-40I
Weather: Clear and some haze, 77 degrees, wind light and variable

It definitely feels like summer, with the humidity and temperatures increasing. Even in the early morning the skies were hazy and I was far too warm after finishing up my long preflight. We were in the other 150 and I saw in the logbook she hadn't flown much at all lately - only a couple times in the last two months. I had to add a quart of oil and there was a tiny bit of water in the fuel tanks that I drained clear, but everything else checked out.

Gina and I haven't yet actually gone on a $100 burger/barbeque/pancake run and she's been bugging me about that fact. Not for a lack of trying, mind you. Our schedules just haven't matched up and weather has canceled some other planned trips. Anyway, today was great other than the toasty and sticky temps down on the ground. It felt great once I turned the fan on and started to taxi... and quite comfy above 3,000, that's for sure

Passing by Greene County Airport on the way to Urbana

After we took off climbing away at a blistering 400 feet per minute, I turned us towards my favorite breakfast destination. I don't know what it is about the Airport Cafe at Urbana that's so great. Kind of like Stewart is such an awesome embodiment of everything classic aviation stands for, there's just a great atmosphere there. Good, cheap food doesn't hurt either.

Looks like everyone had the same idea...

You just can't beat places like the Airport Cafe

Safely on the ground in Urbana

Even in the haze, I spotted the airport from 15 miles out and followed some traffic in for a nice landing. I had some great French Toast and Gina had herself some eggs and bacon. Simple and filling enough, without leaving me stuffed. Not that I can't eat way too much but I do try and avoid doing so when flying. Best to not wind up half-awake halfway home.

Looking things over before heading back to Stewart

This was one of those days where I can't help but love everything about flying

If you recall my trip to Urbana with my friend Rob last month, we made a stop at Union County Airport in Marysville to qualify the trip for XC time. Today was no different except I opted to stop there on the return trip. Just a simple stop, taxi back, and takeoff with a departure direct to Stewart.

Look - our shadow!

The city of Springfield off in the distance

Um, that's a lot of cars down there...

Happily cruising along in the cooler air at 4,500 feet

Flying-wise, there wasn't anything too special that bears reporting. All my landings were pretty decent and the navigation was plenty easy. I was a little surprised at how smooth the air was with the heat and sunshine - we only hit a couple bumps on the way home. A few planes passed by enroute and there were plenty on the ground at Urbana, but the haze made it hard to spot anything more than a few miles away. Chalk up another two hours of cross-country time and another tasty meal at the Airport Cafe.

Today's Flight: 2.0 hours
Total Time: 104.4 hours


  1. GA is a great way to travel. I really enjoy doing that sort of thing.

  2. Great pictures! And it is always fun to share the ride with someone else.

    Someday I get back into GA, but I haven't touch one since I got my job with SkyWest. I'm afraid that I wouldn't know how to land a Cessna 150 any more.

    Anyway, safe flying!

  3. Yup, you've gotta get back to your roots! :)

    There really isn't anything better than flying into an airport for a bite to eat, no matter how many times we've all done it by now.

  4. very nice pictures.