Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm still here, albeit on the ground

Quick update since I've been abnormally quiet on here compared to my usual talkative (writeative?) self. I went on vacation with the family up in Traverse City last weekend so that nixed any flying chances. Tonight I had been scheduled to go up solo in the trusty old Champ but she decided it was time to be less trusty. Actually, I think it may have been scheduled overhaul time. Whatever the reason, N1798E is currently in the shop having a new engine installed.

I have lessons scheduled this weekend in the C150 so I will be airborne again in a few days. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the travel-loving side of me) I found out this morning that I'll be on a plane bound for Japan for work on Sunday, which means some of my upcoming lessons are getting canceled. Long story short, I should be back on my usual 2x or 3x a week flying schedule in about two weeks.


  1. that's pretty cool you get to go to Japan. definitely a different experience. i'm all up for traveling anywhere but Japan is so different from here i worry that i'd be totally lost there. i guess they probably speak a good deal of English though. anyway, have fun!

  2. Ah, I feel your pain. I just noticed that my instructor is on vacation all next week. I'm hoping he'll agree to letting take a couple of solo flights next week.

  3. Have fun in Japan. I went in '97, and managed to enjoy it even though I was there for business. I hope you're back in time for the airshow next Saturday.

  4. Thanks all - it should be an interesting trip. I do love traveling and it's another new place to check off my to-visit list, but 4 days notice is kind of nuts.

    I'll be back in time for the airshow, although after only three days with a +13 hour time difference I have a feeling I'll be quite out of it by the time next weekend rolls around!