Sunday, January 30, 2011

Circumnavigating the globe in a 182 - twice!

There are plenty of impressive aviation tales but this one certainly ranks up there with the best of them! Bob Gannon has flown his 182 around the world twice, landing in over 150 countries on all seven continents over the past decade. I can't even fathom having the nerve to consider such an adventure let alone actually doing it. What an incredible story!

It’s hard to imagine topping the adventure Gannon has already had. This was no great race, no frantic rush to create a speed record or beat some artificial deadline.

“My attitude was, I wanted to see the world and this was my only chance of getting around it,” he said. But not in haste; he wanted to see the places where he landed and take in the highlights.

“Whether it’s geography or animals or people or customs, I feel like I get to know it before I go on to the next country,” he said. “I don’t fly in a straight line.”

Read the full article at AOPA Online.

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  1. It reminds me that there are still adventurers in aviation who are still setting records of one sort or another.

    Thank heaven we have not lost our desire to push aviation ever further.


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